Pep, with Xylem and EarthEcho on World Water Day


On the occasion of World Water Day, the Guardiola Sala Foundation has participated in a joint charity event at CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona, with its collaborators Xylem Water Solutions and the NGO EarthEcho International. Pep Guardiola was the highest representative of the Foundation at the event, which was also attended by Patrick Decker, President and CEO of Xylem, and Philippe Costeau, founder of EarthEcho International and grandson of the unforgettable Jacques Costeau.

Throughout the morning, boys and girls from several schools of Catalonia have took part in different educational activities related to the health of local water resources, which have included water quality tests, sustainability samples and education on local water conservation.

In his final speech in front of students and teachers, Pep Guardiola explained the reasons that led him and his three brothers to create a foundation to help the most disadvantaged families through sport, as well as to collaborate with Xylem and EarthEcho.