The Guardiola Sala Foundation sponsors the program ‘No child without swimming’

The three entities join forces in the program 'No child without swimming', which promotes the teaching of swimming to children at risk of social exclusion.
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Cruz Roja

The Guardiola Sala Foundation sponsors the program ‘No child without swimming’


August 23rd 2022 was a very special day for Guardiola Sala Foundation family. In Manresa swimming pools, which bear the name of one of our patrons, Manel Estiarte Duocastella, and in the presence of both Manel and his brother Albert and Pere Guardiola, the program ‘No child without swimming’ was presented. It will be carried out in the next two seasons, 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, in close collaboration with two friendly entities such as the CN Manresa and the Manresa Red Cross.

This solidarity sports project aims to promote the teaching of swimming to boys and girls at high social risk, who without this support would not have access to it. From a very young age, so that they lose their fear of water and gain confidence and security, going from being a risk to becoming a world of fun, opportunities and who knows if in a bright future like Manel Estiarte had in his day.

The group of boys and girls who will participate are between the ages of 3 and 12 and live in the old center of Manresa and nearby areas. They are all part of groups at risk or high social risk, referred to the Red Cross from Social Services and who are cared for at Casal-Ot. The activity includes the departure of the boys and girls from the Casal-Ot Open Center, arrival at the sports facility, carrying out the aquatic activity and returning to the center.