Pep Guardiola opens a new Cruyff Court in Els Hostalets de Pierola

The football manager, working together with Susila Cruyff has made possible the opening of court number 260 of the Cruyff Foundation.


ep Guardiola opened a new Cruyff Court in the Catalan town of Els Hostalets de Pierola. This sporting arena is court number 260 for the Cruyff Foundation which develops sports facilities for children all over the world. 

The Manchester City manager, who hosted the opening of the new court alongside Susila Cruyff stated that ,«The court is in a beautiful place, perfect for playing sport»

 He also congratulated the Cruyff Foundation on the project. Susila noted, «My father would have been delighted to see Pep opening this court»

Pep, who spent some time with the local kids, explained the following «My life without football would have been very different – I would have gone to University. But I loved football and was lucky to meet people like Susila’s father who enabled me to get where I am today»

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