Oscar Camps announces publicly the help of Pep Guardiola in relation to Proactive Open Arms

The founder of the NGO acknowledged that the football manager paid €150,000 towards the cost of the repairs to the rescue boat.


In an interview on the programme El món a RAC1, hosted by Jordi Basté, Òscar Camps, founder and head of the NGO Proactive Open Arms, made public the support they have received from Pep Guardiola over the years.

«He has been very kindly collaborating with us for a long time. He has had first hand experience of our work and has even said he would like to go out on the boat with us», Oscar Camps explained. He added that the Manchester City football manager met the expense of the €150,000 required for the repair of the Open Arms boat which was being held in the Sicilian town of Pozallo in Italy.

Camps added, «this is not the first time that Guardiola has made a donation of this kind»

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