Legends Trophy

Legends Trophy

The Legends Trophy brings together football legends who enjoy a shared passion – golf. It is an annual get together of top ex footballers who can share their passion for golf and reminisce about the good old days in a superb natural setting.


The Legends Trophy is much more than simply a golf tournament featuring footballers who made history. It is a reunion of old teammates and rivals who share the same passion and who can look back on the glory days in beautiful natural surroundings. 

Pep Guardiola, who is a football fanatic but also a big golf fan in his free time, brought the idea to fruition in the summer of 2018 when the PGA Catalunya resort held the first event.

Many of his footballing friends such as Txiki, Ronald de Boer, Salinas and Blanc; rivals like Gullit, Aduriz, Donadoni, Fran, Panucci and Donato; and some of his childhood idols such as Schuster and Platini have taken part in the event.

On the opening day, a Pro-Am is held with professional golfers, friends and associates of the Foundation in attendance.